Our Story begins in Nexus, the largest city in the scavenger lands, a city where everything has a price, and anything can be bought and sold. Almost a million people live and work in Nexus, and it is a prominent hub of Guild activities. These actives aren't limited to drugs, slavery, weapons and vice, but include everyday commodities, food and land. The people of Nexus and especially the guildsman who can make it in such a place work very hard, and they play very hard as well.

This is where we find a young man, a family man with young wife and young son. There was nothing special about this man, he was a working man, an low level bureaucrat, but he had dreams, big dreams, and big dreams require big money. One day he learned, quite by accident, that a horse race was going to be fixed, a horse had been drugged, gods had been bribed, sacrifices had been made— a sure thing. The young man knew this was his one chance, so he took all his worldly possessions and laid the bet with an up and coming Guildsman who people called ThePriest. And ofcourse, his horse won the race. The guildsman however was not happy that a bet had been laid on a fixed race, a man should know better then to lay such a bet with the guild, an example had to be made. So the Priest went to town, everyone was killed, the jockey, the horse, the young man, the wife but no one wanted to kill the innocent child. So a contractor was bought in from the Salmalin to execute the young child.

However, the assassin, couldn't do it, and despite knowing the price of such a failure should it be known, he faked the childs death and a month later faked his own death. Knowing the power and influence of both the guild and the Salmalin, the assassin took the child as far away from civilization has he could, to the frozen north.

This character starts with a higher dex (2). And has a teacher for all night class abilities. Since the characters families deaths, those people who had a hand in the deaths of his family have risen in the world.

The 2 men who murdered his father have both risen to the position of Guild Factor.
The man who killed the characters mother, exalted late, as a dragon blood, and is now a member of the police/security force of Nexus.

Motivation To avenge his family by taking out all those involved with there deaths.

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