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(Sobriquet - Such as "The Responsible Smith")

The mortal sorcerer Bagrash Köl arose amongst the icy wastes early in the Age of Sorrows, wielding the Eye of Autochthon. With this staggeringly powerful artifact, he carved an entire nation from the Northern Wyld, forcibly taming the boundaries of Creation to his will. He called thousands of barbarians and peasants to his service, crushing resistance by force. The sorcerer lavished gifts upon those he favored, wonders whose like had not been seen since the Old Realm, and sent destruction upon those who displeased him. In the wake of his floating citadel, chaos stilled. Fields bloomed, herds multiplied, and the people blessed Bagrash Köl for his generosity… if they wanted to live. At its height, Bagrash Köl’s domain surpassed even the fledgling Scarlet Empire in size and grandeur. The Realm’s leaders watched in fear, and the Scarlet Empress readied herself to use the Imperial Manse, should Bagrash Köl move toward the Blessed Isle.

It never came to that. Quite abruptly, the sorcerer vanished. The last time he appeared in public, he stormed out of the tributary city of Amathis, leaving glittering quartz statues behind him. Two weeks later, his palace crashed to the ground, fragments scattering on the winds. The Wyld swiftly roiled over the land Köl had wrested from it. Only a few hundred refugees reached the people living farther south, to tell them of the sorcerous empire’s doom. Of the Eye, there was no sign. The evidence of Bagrash Köl’s short-lived empire vanished within months, lost to the Wyld. Northern folk still tell stories of the sorcerer, however, and the glory, madness and terror of his reign.

—and this is the canonical end of the story of Bagrah KoL. No other information has ever surfaced in any Exalted books regarding what happened. And this is where this character comes into play
Not all those who fled the fall of the Empire where able to escape the in rush of the Wyld, and among those were the 100 companions, the elite battle mage guards of the emperor. For decades they wandered the infinite wyld, protect by the magics of Bagrah Kol. Even they however could not long last against the insidiousness of the fair folk, and their numbers were eaten away slowly and deliberately by the fair folk. The ways of the wyld are unforgiving, and though the long years of wandering passed for the warriors, hundreds of years passed in creation.

When at last of them re-entered into creation, into the frozen north of the age of sorrows, there were but 2 companions left of the 100 a man and a woman. Your character is the child of that couple.

Motivation: Reclaim the lands of Bagrash Kol from the Wyld and learn the fate of that lost Empire

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