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Far in the east is an area of creation known as the thousand kingdoms. A wild and untamed land, it is the breadbasket of the wold, sports the highest populations. Among the many kingdoms of this land was forge the Kingdom of Camelot. King Artur Pendragon, united the 3 seperate kindoms and brought a new kind of peace and order to the land, under the guidance of his mentor Merlin. The kingdom however was brought down by a series of misfortunes orcanstrated by the Fairfolk Queen Mab. Arthurs best friend and greatest knight, Lancelot, had an affair with his wife Guinevere. Merlin was tricked, and imprissioned just as Arthurs bastard son invaded the kingdom.

Although Guinevere was sentanced to death, Lancelot resqued her. She was to burned and the stake for treason. Lancelot came to save her and killed many knights. When he went to cut her free, however, Caliburn his sword shattered on the normal ropes, the shards scared Guinevere's face and castrated Lancelot.

Guinevere could not stay with the shame she had brought and retired to a religious order, as far from her home lands as she could get. Eventualy ended up in the frozen north due to a storm and her ship doing down. At this point however she realized she was in fact pregnant, and didn't know who the father was. You are that child, either the heir of King Authur or the son of the greatest knight in the land.

Starts with the broken shards of Caliburn, the sword in the stone.


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