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The multi-national pre-rifts generational colony ship which traveled to Alpha Centauri was supposed to be the crowning glory of the age preceding rifts. The colonist however declared independence from any Earth government almost as soon as they left space-dock. Filed with the bleeding edge of Earth Technology, and some of the most brilliant scientists and engineers of the age, the colonist founded their own empire from their capital city of Nubia, and dubbed themselves The Orokin

The Orokin watched with horror, and then condemnation the events on Old Earth, but were too far to do anything about them. Hundreds of years since the Orokin's founding, they at last have the technology to travel to the Sol system. A lone emissary ship has been sent to reclaim the Earth for the Orokin Empire.

The mission: Destroy all sentient life on earth and prepare the way for recolonization.


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