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Void Transformation

  • Disembodied Spirit: Characters have no real physical bodies. Instead they possess things. However, in the magical rich world of Rifts the Tenno can actually form a physical shell that they possess at a Layline Nexus.
  • Void Infusion: Character can dematerialize and possess any technological (even if build with organic matierial) construct and use it with complete mastery.
    • Similar to Telemechanics:
  • Void Empowerment: Character can focus and channel void energy. This enhances anything the character possesses or uses.
    • The most basic enhancement is that all their weapons inflict MDC in the magic rich world of Rifts, and all their armor becomes MDC. The exact level of damage/toughness is dependent on the equipment itself and the Tenno's mastery of the void.

Stats: 8 stats (IQ, ME, MA, PS, PP, PE, PB, Spd)
Roll 4D6 (keep any 3)
If the results are 16,17,18 add 1d6, if a 6 is rolled again, add Another d6

Bonus for Low Attributes
If any attribute is 10 or lower you may add 1d4 +3 to any other stat
If 2 stats are 10 or below, add 1D4+5 to another stat, and +3 to another

If at the end you still don't like the result, roll the whole set over.
Assign results to stat of choice.

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