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  • Psyscape Psychic's Common Powers (World Book 12 - Psyscape, Pg 29)
  • Zapper RCC (World Book 12 - Psyscape, Pg 81)

Volt Prime RCC Abilities

  1. Impervious to Electricity (Passive): An invisible electrokinetic aura surrounds the Zapper, making him, and what he is wearing (body armor included), completely impervious to electricity, including magical electrical attacks. Even mega-damage lightning strikes do no damage. Most other energy attacks do only half damage, including lasers, plasma and particle beams. Magic energy attacks, other than electrical, do full damage. Physical/Kinetic damage sources inflict full damage.
  2. Sense Electricity: The psychic can sense or feel electricity and pinpoint its exact location as well as the approximate amount of electricity at the source (tiny, small, big).
    • Range: 100'+10'/level
    • Duration: 2 minutes of extreme sensitivity during which he can pinpoint every sources of electricity in the area
    • VE Cost: 2
  3. Electrical Aura & Radiate Electricity: The psychic can seemingly cause himself to become engulfed in crackling electricity. In reality, this is an electrical aura around him. Nothing on the Zapper's person is actually touched or affected, so nothing is damaged. Furthermore, the character can move around without difficulty. However, the electrical energy will cause a jolt to anything it touches and causes the hair of anybody within six feet of the character to stand on end from static electricity.
    • Range: Self.
    • Duration: Two minutes per level of experience.
    • VE Cost: 5
    • Damage: 6D6 S.D.C. damage per strike to anyone or thing that he touches or which touches him; 01-65% likelihood of any electronic device that is not shielded or grounded being shorted out. Damage is cumulative.
      • Static Discharge: 2D6 S.D.C. damage from electric shock and the discharge will temporarily interfere with communications (radio signals garbled and unclear, video images snowy, broken and distorted) and temporarily knock out bugs, video cameras and sensors for 1D4 minutes.
      • 2D6 M.D. can be inflicted with an electrical energy bolt (4D6 M.D. at ley lines and 6D6 M.D. at a nexus) if the Zapper concen trates intensely. This 2D6 M.D. can be added to damage from the Zapper's punches, kicks, or simply by being touched, if he so wills it to happen! Note: Additional cost of 8 I.S.P., lasts only one melee round per level of experience. Each M.D. electric attack (bolt, punch, kick, head butt, etc.) counts as one melee action/attack. Maximum range of the energy bolt is 30 feet (9m) per level of experience; triple at a ley line and quadruple at a nexus point.
    • Electrified Body Protection (Special): The aura of electricity also provides a limited mega-damage field of protection equal to 20 M.D.C. +2 per level of experience and which renews itself at a rate of 2D6 M.D.C. per melee round (never more than the normal maximum of 20 M.D.C.).
      • Note: There is no extra I.S.P. cost for this aura of protection.
  4. Electricity Absorption: The power to draw electricity/energy from devices in the immediate vicinity which can be used by the mutant character to heal damage. Even if the character is fully healed, he can still use this ability to drain electricity from machines, engines, generators and electric power lines! The Zapper can use this ability to drain the energy from the machine, to make it temporarily useless (until recharged) or to reduce the energy/power level one degree or 8% per level of experience (dims lights, reduces the energy flow to cause brownouts and mechanical malfunctions, reduces the speed of an engine or computer, etc.).
    • In the alternative, the character can draw on and absorb electricity to rejuvenate himself. The equivalent of 1D6 M.D. negates fatigue (feels fresh as a daisy), while every 2D6 M.D. of electricity restores 1D6 hit points or 2D6 S.D.C. A mild but constant flow of electrical current goes through the Zapper while meditating, increasing normal healing by threefold.
    • Range: Touch or 20 feet (6 m) per level of experience.
    • Duration: Varies based on need and desired effect. Can be instant or last 10 minutes per level of experience.
    • VE Cost: 4 per activation of the power to absorb or drain.
  5. Void Powers: Automatically gets Electrokinesis (double normal range), Telekinesis (super), Telekinetic Force Field, Telekinetic Acceleration Attack, Telekinetic Punch, and the Mind Bleeder powers of Brain Scan, Neuro-Touch and Neuro-Strike.
    • Moreover, he can select one minor psionic power from the physical category at levels 2,4, 6, 8,10 and 12.
  6. Voltic Avatar: As Volt Prime the character can form his Telekinetic Forcefield into a physical rectangle 8' by 6' shield floating before him controlled by his hand - effectively acting as if he is holding a physical shield. Regardless of which form his Telekinetic Forcefield takes, the field is "Invulnerable to Energy," they are also twice as tough and last twice as long. If projected the field's area of effect and range are both doubled.
  7. The influence of ley line energy: The duration and range of the Zapper's electrokinetic and other psychic powers are increased by 50% whenever on or near (within one mile/1.6 km) a ley line. The duration, range, and damage of his powers are doubled when at or near (one mile/1.6 km) a ley line nexus point!
    • This is multiplicative with his Voltic Avatar, effectively means his Telekinetic forcefield's range and duration are 3x as long on or near a ley line. It's duration, range, and toughness are 4x when or near a ley line nexus.
  8. Static Discharge (Volt Passive): Store 1 VE for every minute of full movement. This pool of VE will last 1 combat round after he stops moving at full speed. If it is not used then it is lost.
  9. Exceptional Void Mastery: Volt Prime being a Prime has an impressive bank of Void Energy. Base 3d4x10 plus M.E. attribute. He gains 2d4+4 V.E. per level. He may also draw additional V.E. from ley line and nexus points, but not from other non-void sources.
  10. R.C.C. Bonuses: +2 on initiative, +1 to strike, +1 to pull punch, +1 to roll with impact or fall, +4 to save vs horror factor, +1 to save vs possession and loves action and excitement. As a Master Psychic, the character needs a 10 or higher to save vs psionic attacks.

Aura Mods

Applies to all Friendly Tenno within 100 feet

  • Energy Siphon (R1): Tenno affected by the Aura regains 1 V.E. every minute.


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